Woodland Mansion
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Generated Structure


Roofed Forest Biome

First Appearance

Update 1.1

A Woodland Mansion is a generated structure added in Update 1.1.


Woodland Mansions generate only in Roofed Forests. They are typically located very far from the spawn point; even the nearest ones can be found from some ten thousand blocks away from the player’s position.



The exact exterior structure of a Woodland Mansion varies; however, they are always generated with 2-3 floors and a cobblestone foundation beneath it. It is very rare to stumble upon a Mansion with only 2 floors.


The interior of the Woodland Mansion generates randomly and may vary in structure from each mansion to the next. Generally the interior consists of a large foyer and many generated rooms consisting of various blocks and items, even chests containing valuable loot. Evokers and Vindicators may spawn in certain rooms; up to 1 Evoker may generate in 1 room at a time, and up to 3 in the case of Vindicators.

Hidden Rooms

Most of the rooms in a Woodland Mansion have visible entrances. However, there are some exceptions: one room has a sealed entrance whereas some others have none at all. The room with a sealed entrance contains an artificially-constructed tree on a dirt platform, with a chest positioned in front of it. This chest always only contains an iron axe with Efficiency I.

Rooms with no entrances are also known as secret rooms, and there are currently eight known types to be found in a Mansion. In general, secret rooms are always found on the second and/or third floor of the mansion, and are commonly found at the sides and edges of these floors, but rarely in the center. A trick to look for these secret rooms is to look into the windows of the Mansion from its exterior, and relatively often the player can discover at least 1 room in this way. Normally there are 1-2 secret rooms in a Mansion; sometimes even 3 can be found.


Loot in Woodland Mansions is categorised under three different groups. The distribution is as follows:

Item Weight Chance Count
Group 1 count: 1-3
Lead Lead 100/645 15.5% 1
Golden Apple Golden Apple 75/645 11.6% 1
Enchanted Apple Enchanted Apple 10/645 1.6% 1
Music Discs Music Disc #13 75/645 11.6% 1
Music Discs Music Disc 75/645 11.6% 1
Name Tag Name Tag 100/645 15.5% 1
Chain chestplate Chain Chestplate 50/645 7.8% 1
Diamond Hoe Diamond Hoe 75/645 11.6% 1
Diamond Chestplate Icon Diamond Chestplate 25/645 3.9% 1
Enchanted Book Enchanted Books 60/645 9.3% 1
Group 2 count: 1-4
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 50/625 8.0% 1-4
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot 25/625 4.0% 1-4
Bread Bread 100/625 16.0% 1
Wheat Wheat 100/625 16.0% 1.4
Bucket Bucket 50/625 8.0% 1
Redstone (Dust) Redstone 75/625 12.0% 1-4
Coal Coal 75/625 12.0% 1-4
Melon Seeds Melon Seeds 50/625 8.0% 2-4
Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin Seeds 50/625 8.0% 2-4
Beetroot Seeds Beetroot Seeds 50/625 8.0% 2-4
Group 3 count: 3
Bone Bone 50/200 25.0% 1-8
Gunpowder Gunpowder 50/200 25.0% 1-8
Rotten Flesh Rotten Flesh 50/200 25.0% 1-8
String String 50/200 25.0% 1-8
Based upon 1.7.0 behavior pack


  • A Woodland Mansion is the only place where Evokers and Vindicators spawn naturally. Once killed, the Evokers and Vindicators won't spawn again.
  • The Totem of Undying can only be found in Woodland Mansions, since only Evokers drop them.
  • Some rooms are hidden and require mining through walls.
  • Before Update 1.2, Banners would not spawn in Woodland Mansions and the floors were made of Birch Planks instead of Oak.
  • Before Update 1.8, there was a glitch where Woodlands Mansions would occasionally spawn in Plains Biomes.

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