Witch Huts
150px-Witch Hut


Generated Structure


Swamp Biomes

First Appearance

Update 0.14.0

Witch Huts are Generated Structures added in Update 0.14.0.


Witch Huts spawn exclusively in Swamp Biomes.



Witch Huts are mainly made of Spruce Planks and Oak Wood, built on top of Fence posts, and with a front porch.


They contain a Cauldron, a potted Red Mushroom and a Crafting Table.


There is no loot in a Witch Hut, but the Cauldrons in Witch Huts are usually filled with different Potions which can be bottled by the Player.


  • Witch Huts were originally rumored to be added in Update 0.9.0 alongside Witches, but both were postponed.
  • When the Player tries to get the Potion placed inside the Cauldron with the use of Glass Bottles, sometimes the Player will receive a Splash Potion.
  • The Potions in Cauldrons aren't filled to the top. Because of this, they can only fill 2 Glass Bottles.
  • Witches may spawn within a 7x7x9 area around the hut after world generation.
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