Water Bucket
Water Bucket







First Appearance

Update 0.7.0

Water Bucket is an item that was added in Update 0.7.0.


Water Buckets are obtained by pressing a Water source with a Bucket.


Water Buckets are used to transport Water. They can also be used to put out Fires, and generate Cobblestone or Obsidian when placed directly next to Lava dependent on which Liquid touches the other first.

Some secondary uses of a Water Bucket include:

  • Descending from high altitudes - Water Buckets can be used to create a waterfall allowing the Player to descend from heights. 
  • Creating infinite water source - By digging a 2x2 or 1x3 area in the ground and placing two Water Buckets at opposite ends of the trench, an infinite source of Water can be created.
  • Creating defense mechanism - Water flows and generates currents. A Mob caught in a Water stream will usually not have enough movement to fight the current. Thus, carefully placed Water Buckets can trap/force Mobs (and items) to a given location.
  • Repelling Endermen - Endermen are damaged by Water, so quickly placing the Water Bucket at the Player's feet will repel Endermen.
  • Mining Aid- When mining directly above Lava, the mined Blocks might fall into the Lava and get destroyed. However, if the Player places Water and mines in the Water flow, the Water will change the Lava to Obsidian before the Blocks disappear. 


  • A Water Bucket cannot be placed by itself, but the Water in it can be placed.
  • A Water Bucket cannot be used in the Nether.
    • It will still become empty, but the Water will evaporate.
  • Once placed on a Block, the Bucket becomes empty and can be filled with any other Liquid.
  • Only Water source Blocks can be collected.
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