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Land-based Biomes

First Appearance

Update 0.9.0

Villages are Generated Structures added in Update 0.9.0. They consist of several structures and are inhabited by Villagers.


Villages may generate in the following Biomes, where the main variation is the type of Blocks used for building:

Villages have a chance to spawn as Zombie Villages. In this case, they will consist of Moss Stone, Vines and Cobwebs, and Zombie Villagers will spawn in place of regular Villagers. They don't contain any Doors or Torches.




Wood Huts

Doorless Wood Huts

  • Cube-shaped.
  • May spawn with a balcony on top.

Large House

  • L-shaped.
  • The largest type of house in the Village.
  • In a Taiga or Ice Plains Village, there'll be a Chest with crop, see loot table below.

Butcher's House

  • Large houses with a fenced-in yard and Stone Slabs in a "counter" formation.

Blacksmith's Shop/House

  • Contain Chests with loot.
  • Spawns with Lava source on the outside.
  • Not every Village contains one.
  • Contains two Furnaces.


  • Made of Cobblestone, has three floors, and generates with a Priest (or cleric)
  • Not all Villages have one.
  • Generally the tallest building in the Village.



Lamp Posts

  • Black Wool with Torches on 4 sides and held up by 3 Oak Fences.
  • Not every Village contains them. More likely to spawn in Villages without Blacksmiths and Churches.


  • Made of Cobblestone and Oak Fences (Sandstone and Oak Fences in Desert Villages).
  • Mobs who fall in cannot get out.
  • Has a 1/1000 chance that it can lead to a Stronghold.


Most of the houses in a Village have rather simple interiors. Possibly a brown Carpet Table with Stairs used as chairs. Of the more interesting houses are the Library with Bookshelves and a Crafting Table, and the Blacksmith's house with a Loot Chest.


The following items can be found in the blacksmith chest that sometimes spawns in a village.

Item Weight Chance Count
Group count: 3-8
Diamond Diamond 3/94 3.2% 1-3
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 10/94 10.6% 1-5
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot 5/94 5.3% 1-3
Bread Bread 15/94 16.0% 1-3
Apple Apple 15/94 16.0% 1-3
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe 5/94 5.3% 1
Iron Sword Iron Sword 5/94 5.3% 1-2
Iron Chestplate Iron Chestplate 5/94 5.3% 1
Iron Helmet Icon Iron Helmet 5/94 5.3% 1
Iron Leggings Icon Iron Leggings 5/94 5.3% 1
Iron Boots Iron Boots 5/94 5.3% 1
Obsidian Obsidian 5/94 5.3% 3-7
Oak Sapling Oak Sapling 5/94 5.3% 3-7
Saddle Saddle 3/94 3.2% 1
Iron Horse Armor Iron Horse Armor 1/94 1.1% 1
Gold Horse Armor Gold Horse Armor 1/94 1.1% 1
Diamond Horse Armor Diamond Horse Armor 1/94 1.1% 1
Based upon 1.7.0 behavior pack

In a Taiga or Ice Plains Village there may be a large house with a Chest with loot with the following distribution:

Item Weight Chance Count
Group count: 6-8
Potato Potato 10/46 21.7% 5-8
Carrot Carrot 10/46 21.7% 4-8
Wheat Wheat 15/46 32.6% 8-12
Seeds Wheat Seeds 5/46 10.9% 2-4
Beetroot Beetroot 5/46 10.9% 5-8
Wooden hoe Wooden Hoe 1/46 2.2% 1
Based upon 1.7.0 behavior pack


  • Some Villages can rarely generate together, creating double or triple Villages.
    • Often, when this happens, Grass Paths and buildings may overwrite structures from another Village.
  • Villages are currently the only sources of fully grown Beetroots.
    • However, not all Villages generate with a Beetroot farm.
  • Biome-based Villages were added in Update 0.15.0, as well as Zombie Villages.
  • Despite Pressure Plates having been added, Villages still spawn with Brown Carpet tables.
  • Prior to Update 0.11.0, Village roads were made of Gravel instead of Grass Paths.

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