About Me

Why hello there ! I'm Rowletbeak!

I am an active editor here. My first ever mainspace edit here was to the Village page.


Other Wikis I edit on=

Minecraft Future Ideas Wiki: Founder And Bureaucrat.

Minecraft PC wiki:Content Moderator

Minecraft Mobs Wiki: Regular User


Goals= My goals for the Wiki.

Reach 1000 edits

Reach 1500 edits

Reach 2000 Edits

Reach 3000 Edits

Reach 6000 Edits

Reach 10000 Edits

Reach the top 20 on the achievement board.

Get Zombie Rank

Get Ocelot Rank

Get Wolf Rank

Become Rollback

Become Chat Mod

Become Discussions Mod

Become Content Mod

Become Admin



Became a Zombie. (26/4/17)

Made a Page (3/5/17)



The Sith Lord

A Helpful admin

A content-minded person

The closer of threads

My first friend

A experienced coder

The Anime Expert

The Best Memer

An professional assassin

The PC-er

My Editing Advisor

A popular creepypasta

An amazing Editor

The Wither, Herobrine and doctor who mix.


Facts About Me =

I'm a Fan of the 2015 game: Kings Quest.

I have played Pokemon since Pokemon Pearl.

I live in Devon, U.K.

I joined MCPE in Update 0.10.0.

I watch Jacksfilms and Pyrocynical.

I accept and respect memes.

I enjoy Star Wars.

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