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Main Description

In the spring of 2016 I started playing minecraft on my old iPad, and found this wiki to be very useful for getting information related to my own experience playing minecraft pocket edition. After gaining some experience and spent some time playing it's now time to give back to the community.

Late 2016 I've also joined the Wikicraft server, and the Hüntar realm, and thusly broadening my experience with more variants related to Minecraft Bedrock. I thoroughly enjoy exploring and building within MCPE, and are not into roleplays or pvp's.

In 2018 I've used way too much energy on Discord guilds related to Minecraft, so much so that it's hurt my time available for playing the game and editing here. I've also grown really tired of all the non-minecraft related traffic on this Wiki.

My initiatives

Here are some of my larger initiatives on this Wiki, organized by the status of the initiatives. See also my backlog and completed initiatives.

Current or Ongoing

  • Add/update Loot Tables to specific structures (Status: Soon to be completed) – Earlier in 2018 I added loot tables to most structure, but they're in need of updating. A description of the corresponding loot files would also be interesting. Result so far: Most structures, except Buried Treasure, Underwater Ruins and Shipwrecks, are updated with 1.7.0 loot table information. I've also written Tutorial:Loot Table Example and expanded Loot Table with some technical information.

On hold

  • Focus the Wiki related to Minecraft (Status: Awaiting response) – It's my firm belief that we need to make all traffic on the Wiki be related to Minecraft in order for it to blossom again. This I've talked to several of the admins about. Result so far: Awaiting responses from current admin(s)
  • Propose a way to handle tutorials (Status: To be started) – Instead of specific people being allowed to directly write a tutorial, I would like for any given tutorial concept to be discussed before someone could make a proposal for that tutorial. And then we could publish the tutorial, so to speak. Result so far: I need to make the forum post to discuss this...
  • Initiative for Redstone Circuitry (Status: Awaiting response) – A more specific set of tutorials, or a distinct set of pages related to various circuitry involving Redstone. I.e. Redstone clocks, elevators, doors, and so on. Result so far:Swallowed up by the tutorial, but I do believe this believe it's own namespace or special treatment.
  • How to list mob drops (Status: Awaiting response) – Tried asking on Minecraft_Bedrock_Wiki_talk:Format_Policy for a clarification on how to list Mob Drops in the infoboxes. Result so far: After bumping it, and talking to some of staff, there is still no response. At all.

My Articles

I've written a few articles, some blogs posts and some sub pages. Currently the list consists of:

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