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  • I live in Cali.
  • My occupation is [Not applicable] though I do try to make cool images in Blender 3D animation software. (See avatar)
  • I am Male.
Attempt at new screen saver animation0126

A smoke and fire simulation that served as my first avatar. It took me a week of baking simulations until I finally got this right.

Main Description

Hello! I am Floatingaxehead, but you can call me Stevo (STEE-VO). For those wondering, I am just a normal guy with a little bit of OCD with regards to sentence structure and agreement who wants to fix spelling and grammatical errors on a wiki about a game he enjoys.

More About Me

Unlike my twin, I have very limited coding experience. I do know some Python, but not enough to help me anywhere, even in Blender. I am open to new information about MCPE, and have played maybe a month after my twin started. I enjoy editing and theological discussions (not debates). I also enjoy building in Minecraft after my homework is taken care of. I do not love politics, but I do love talking about it.

I also usually have multiple windows open, so I can compare pages.

I am a member of Team Instinct on Pokemon Go. Underdogs rule.

I also know how this works - it makes money through ads. But I still like coming on and being a part of this community.

I also worked on a high school project that took second in the Disney Teen Animation Festival International's Trailer category. A link to it is here.

I also like fighting robots! Here is a gif I made of a 1-lb robot match I got to watch!
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  3. Edit summary for an edit to Update 0.14.2 [MicaSmash]
  4. Edit summary for an edit to Moss Stone Boulders [Dragonballgtgoku]
  5. Edit summary for an edit to Magma Cube [Floatingaxehead]
  6. Edit summary for an edit to Mule Spawn Egg [Floatingaxehead]
  7. Edit summary for an edit to Observer [Floatingaxehead]
  8. Edit summary for an edit to Peony [Floatingaxehead]
  9. Edit summary for an edit to Minecraft Pocket Edition [Hurricane0dile]
  10. Edit summary for an edit to Redstone Ore [Hurricane0dile]
  11. Edit summary for an edit to Husk [Hurricane0dile]
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