Update 1.9

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Current build: 5

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The first Beta related to Update 1.9 aka was released on November 15, 2018. See changelog.

Experimental Gameplay

(Only available when Experimental Gameplay is enabled in world settings)

New Features


  • Added several new loading screen tips and trivia suggested by the community!
  • A notification is now sent to chat when a tamed animal dies (MCPE-35138).
  • Tripwires are now activated when broken, unless broken with Shears.
  • Improved performance when using Function commands; they are now pre-compiled on world reload.


  • Fixed a crash that occurred during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when replacing a wooden door with an iron one (MCPE-37941).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using pickblock on a Chest filled with written books.
  • Updated low disk space error message.
  • Held items now show the correct texture when changing resource packs (MCPE-38302).
  • Fixed touch controls so players no longer get stuck in sneak position when underwater (MCPE-38212).
  • Fixed Panda feeding animation.
  • Crossbows no longer fire accidentally when interacting with blocks or mobs on touch screen devices (MCPE-38321).
  • Crossbows can now be used to hit mobs (MCPE-38314).
  • The Trident throwing animation no longer gets mixed up with the new crossbow animation (MCPE-38358).
  • Fixed the issue with breaking blocks when trying to fire a crossbow on touch screen devices (MCPE-38465).
  • Added new notification for worlds that have missing templates, with a prompt to redownload the relevant template from the store if necessary.
  • Improved text entry in various fields - text boxes can be highlighted and selected using the keyboard.
  • The skin picker menu now only displays progress/loading animation when online.
  • Fixed missing "Save to Microsoft account" message when saving purchases on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.
  • Players can no longer change their customised player permissions in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed remaining commands that use relative coordinates that are below y3 (MCPE-35130).
  • Shulker Boxes now push mobs when opening (MCPE-22480).
  • Error messages are now more informative when trying to join an unavailable world.
  • Fixed a remaining issue that could cause a sudden change in direction on touch screen devices (MCPE-35910).
  • Falling block entities can now be killed using commands (MCPE-38300).
  • Defeating the Ender Dragon now drops the correct amount of XP and generates a Dragon Egg in converted worlds (MCPE-28864).
  • Vines collected with silk touch tools can be used correctly in Banner designs (MCPE-35134).
  • End gateway portals now work correctly even if the destination area has already been generated (MCPE-19699).
  • Dropped items are now correctly displaced by slabs and glass (MCPE-12025).
  • Improved marketplace navigation when using a controller or keyboard.
  • Fixed the swimming animation of the "Syrena" skin in Pirates of the Caribbean Mash-up pack.
  • Repeating Command Blocks now keep their 'always active' state when cloned (MCPE-36340).
  • Clocks and Compass items now load in correctly when joining a world (MCPE-36952).
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