Update 1.7

The fourth Beta of Update 1.7. See changelog.


  • Scoreboards are no longer behind the Experimental Gameplay toggle.


  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay.
  • Fixed Entities body parts on various Android devices (MCPE-34385).
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed custom skins with custom and invisible geometry, causing unfair advantages in multiplayer sessions (MCPE-37343).
  • Skeleton Horses and Zombie Horses no longer die after a certain amount of time (MCPE-35215).
  • Locator Maps now indicate the proper direction when riding in a Boat.
  • Ender Dragons no longer ignore the ground when not in The End dimension.
  • Fixed an issue from previous beta versions that prevented blocks and items from being picked up in certain conditions.
  • Blocks and items that are thrown or mined no longer have repetitive bouncing motions.
  • Minecarts no longer have shaking animation on straight rails and won't get stuck in solid blocks.
  • Entities that are killed and have the has_gravity: false option in their physics component no longer float upwards.
  • Isotropic settings are once again respected when altered in blocks.json.
  • Adding points to many entities on a Scoreboard now groups all entities into the command feedback.
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