Tommaso Checchi
Tommaso at Minecon 2013






Game Developer



Tommaso Checchi is a member of Microsoft and is the one of the lead developers of Minecraft.


Tommaso was born on April 8, 1989 in Italy. Initially, he wanted to be an artist, but decided to learn programming since he "couldn't wait for people to program for him." Setting his sights on making games, he started with multimedia fusion game makers and later learned C++.

Game Development

He currently works for the development team for Minecraft. He stated he liked to program the 'easy stuff.' He also works on the game's graphics.


  • He is known for adding improvements to the sky, glowing Spider Eyes, updated Chest models, Zombies, Skeletons lighting on Fire under Sunlight, shadows, and Mipmaps.
  • Tomasso was the one who accidentally gave Enchantment Tables luminosity. This was not an intentional feature, but a bug which he liked and kept in-game.
  • Tommaso once worked on Cobalt, a game created before Minecraft. His coding was, however, replaced by an engine.
  • Tomasso left Mojang in February 2017 and moved to Seattle to work for Microsoft. However, he is still working on Minecraft.
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