Throwing is an in-game mechanic which allows Players to remove items from their Inventory. Throwing can mean both disposing of items and throwing projectiles (e.g. Snowballs).



Disposal pertains to dropping the items from the Player's Inventory without using them. Items can be disposed in these ways:

  • The Player must move the item into the Inventory GUI
  • The Player must then hold down the item in the hotbar slot
    • The slot will gradually turn green, and once it is completely green, the item will be disposed.
  • Since Update 0.14.0 dropping items in Creative Mode is possible.
  • As of Update 1.0, dropping items has an animation.
    • It is also now possible to change the UI to classic and use the drop-and-drag feature.


To throw projectiles, the Player must hold the screen. They will be thrown forward as projectiles. If they hit the ground or Mobs, the items will cause their effect (e.g. Snowballs and Eggs knock back mobs, Splash Potions inflict Status Effects on Mobs or the Player if they are nearby).