• Hi there my friend, i know is been a long time that i last seeing you back in 2016, you're on hiatus but i hope you can read this, i really miss you and all those people back in 2015 - 2016.

    When i first came here i was 12 years old (2015) and i wasn't matured yet so i spam the page called 0.12.1 and 0.13.0 you blocked me two times before i turn 13 in april 7, 2016 i promise you that i will be better once i turn 13, but i didn't last long in the wikia, my last visit here is when 0.15.0 was a new release.

    I came back when 1.0 was release and damn everything has change, i guess we can all agree that time moves fast, i hope that you come back from hiatus and remember me, i'm still visiting wikias in fact this is the first wikia i've ever visit, so sad i quit playing minecraft, i'm now on Battle For Dream Island Wikia probably the second wikia i've ever visited so whatever, by the way i'm turning 15 this April 7, is unneccesarry all i know is i'm 13 when i last visited this wikia so i guess is been 2 years since i've never return here until now.

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