This template will be used for adding annotations of platform availability.


The parameters in order from start:

Leading text
The first parameter is the text preceding the list of joined parameters. If empty, it uses "Only: " (like in the 4th example below
Words to join
Every other parameter passed will be separated by commas from the next one, except the last one which should be combined with the text "and".


pre {{supjoin|Test|one}} post gives:
pre Test one post
{{supjoin|Test|one|two}} gives:

pre Test one, two post

{{supjoin|Test|one|two|three}} gives:

pre Test one, two and three post

pre {{supjoin||one|two|three|four}} post gives:

pre Only one, two, three and four post

Typical Usage

Here are some examples of typical usage, in a given text.

Quasi-connectivityOnly java, legacy console is only to be found in Minecraft java edition. Redstone signals can travel down from GlassOnly bedrock only in bedrock.


This templates makes use of Module:Loops, which is based loosely upon:

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