Skin Packs


Game Mechanic

First Appearance

Update 0.11.0

Skins are textures which determine how a Player appears in Minecraft. Skins were added in Update 0.11.0.

Default Skins

There are currently two default skins in Minecraft Pocket Edition:

  • Steve, the male model, with 4-pixel arms
  • Alex, the female model, with 3-pixel arms

Skin Packs

Mojang has released official skin packs containing a variety of skins, mostly based on certain themes or other games. These can be either free or paid. There are currently more than fourty skin packs:

  1. Aquatic Adventurers
  2. Aquatic Adventures
  3. Chinese Han Fu
  4. City Folk
  5. City Heroes
  6. Mob Tamers Skin Pack
  7. Commando Squad
  8. Korean Superstars
  9. Town Folk
  10. Potato Party
  11. Biome Settlers Pack 1
  12. Biome Settlers Pack 2
  13. Biome Settlers Pack 3
  14. Dino Onsies
  15. Halloween Costumes
  16. Holiday Skin Pack 2015
  17. Journey to the West
  18. Urban Lifestyles
  19. Redstone Specialists
  20. Minecraft: Story Mode
  21. Villains Skin Pack
  22. MINECON 2016 Skin Pack* (Only available during Minecon 2016)
  23. Campfire Tales 
  24. Festive Mash-up 2016
  25. Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  26. Fallout
  27. Magic: The Gathering
  28. Solo: A Stars Wars Story Pack
  29. Greek Mythology
  30. Skyrim
  31. Steampunk
  32. Sleepover Party!
  33. Adventure Time
  34. Battles and Beasts
  35. Cyber Space
  36. Pets
  37. Steampunk


  • A "*" indicates the Skin Pack contains a Skin with Capes.

Custom Skins

It is also possible to upload a custom skin into Minecraft Pocket Edition if the Player chooses to do so. They can do so using the Minecraft: Skin Studio Encore App or any image editor. They can also download a skin file from the internet, save it in their images, and access it through the Settings.


  • Skins were originally planned for Update 0.10.0, but were postponed as they were too buggy.
  • Before Update 0.11.1, there was a bug where Skin Packs could not be purchased.
  • From Update 0.12.3 and Update 0.14.2, new skin packs were added in every update.
  • As of Update 0.15.0, the skins UI was changed.
  • As of Update 1.2, it is possible for Player's to change their Skin in-game (without having to exit to the main menu).
  • As of Update 1.2, skin packs can be imported.
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