Powered Rail
Powered Rail


Non-Solid Block

Tool Used



Yes (64)





First Appearance

Update 0.8.0

Powered Rails are a variant of Rails which were added in Update 0.8.0.


Powered Rails can be obtained by Crafting them in a Crafting Table



Powered Rails act as boosters to speed up Minecarts. To use the Powered Rail, it needs to be incorporated into the track, and be powered. If it is not powered, it will reduce the speed of the Minecart, and in most cases two adjacent unpowered segments will bring the Minecart to a complete stop.

Using multiple powered rails or going downhill will increase the speed of the Minecart. The maximum speed of a Minecart on a straight stretch will be 8 m/s (11.1 m/s in a diagonal). The speed of a Minecart will reduce by length of the rails, the rails going uphill, or the tracks going next to a wall.

Powering the Rail

A Powered Rail can be powered by a Redstone signal leading into the Rail. The source of this signal can come from Redstone TorchesRedstone BlocksLeversButtons or other Redstone circuits.

One common technique is to use a Lever for constant powering, or a Button for a power pulse. These can be placed on the block adjacent to the Rail, or on the side of a Block (on same level or one above) the Rail.

Powering a single Rail will in addition power directly adjacent Powered Rails up to 8 Rails away from the original Powered Rail.

Distance Traveled

The length the Minecarts will travel depends on type of Minecart. The following list displays distances traveled with 1 Powered Rail: 

  • Empty Minecart – ~10 m
  • Minecart with TNT – ~11 m
  • Minecart with Full Chest – ~25 m
  • Minecart with Empty Hopper – ~90 m
  • Minecart with Empty Chest – ~100 m
  • Minecart with Player – ~150 m

Note: Adding multiple Powered Rails will boost the Minecart speed up to the maximum speed. The maximum speed of a Minecart is reached using around 8 Powered Rails, and adding more will not increase the speed. With maximum speed the distance of the Minecart with a Player increases to around 400 m.


  • Powered Rails cannot be found in Abandoned Mineshafts, unlike regular Rails.
  • Powered Rails cannot curve, therefore normal Rails must be used for the track to curve.
  • Before Update 0.13.0, Powered Rails were always powered and didn't need a power source.
  • Powered Rails are the only type of Rails that use Gold Ingots instead of Iron Ingots.
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