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First Appearance

Update 0.5.0

Paintings are Decorations that were added in Update 0.5.0.


Paintings can only be obtained by Crafting.


Note: Paintings can be Crafted with any type of Wool. The color of Wool used does not have an influence of the picture chosen when the painting is placed.


MC Paintings

All the paintings in Minecraft

There are 26 paintings. These are mostly based on paintings by Kristoffer Zetterstrand, who also created the paintings in the Minecraft versions.


Paintings are mainly used for Decorative purposes. However, they can also be used for hiding entities or Blocks, such as Chests. Another way they can be used is covering up secret passages and Redstone circuits.

They are not a Block and do not occupy the space of a Block, so Water, Torches, etc. can coexist in the spaces where Paintings are placed.


  • Most of the Paintings are based on real life Paintings, and some of them are based on games.
  • In Update 0.8.0, Paintings' rendering was edited.
  • The lower left edge of a Painting is not always the Block the Player put the Painting on; some of the larger Paintings extend down and to the left of the Block they placed the Painting.
  • It is possible to knock Paintings off walls using projectiles (e.g. Snowballs, Eggs, Arrows).
  • Bedrock Exclusive: There are four unobtainable Paintings only in Minecraft. These are "Fire", "Water", "Wind" and "Earth".
  • The Wither Painting was the only Painting that was added in Update 1.0.7.
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