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Update 1.0 (Background music)

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Music is a feature that allows Music Discs and Background Music to be played in-game.


There are two types of music:

Background Music

Background Music was added in Update 1.0 as downloadable content. This music plays in the background while the Player plays. The music changes into other various songs based on the Player's location (e.g. if the Player's in the Nether, Nether music will play).

Music Discs

Some Music comes in the form of Music Discs. Music Discs will be added in Update 1.2. They can be played in Jukeboxes. These Discs can be obtained through Dungeon Chests or when a Skeleton kills a Creeper. There are a total of 12 Music Discs.


This is a list of music in other versions of Minecraft.

General Gameplay

  • Minecraft
  • Clark
  • Sweden
  • Subwoofer Lullaby
  • Living Mice
  • Haggstrom
  • Danny
  • Key
  • Oxygène
  • Dry Hands
  • Wet Hands
  • Mice On Venus

Creative Mode

  • Biome Fest
  • Blind Spots
  • Haunt Muskie
  • Aria Math
  • Dreiton
  • Taswell

Main Menu

  • Mutation
  • Moog City 2
  • Beginning
  • Floating Trees

The Nether

  • Concrete Halls
  • Dead Voxel
  • Warmth
  • Ballad of the Cats

Music Disc

  • 11
  • Thirteen
  • Blocks
  • Cat
  • Chirp
  • Far
  • Mall
  • Mellohi
  • Stal
  • Strad
  • Wait
  • Ward

The End

  • The End
  • Ender Dragon Battle
  • Alpha
    • Plays in the End Poem.


  • Most of the music was composed by C418.
  • There are two albums of Minecraft music- Minecraft Volume Beta and Minecraft Volume Alpha.