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Monster Eggs
Monster Eggs
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First Appearence

Update 0.9.0

Monster Eggs (AKA Silverfish Stone) are Blocks that spawn Silverfish when broken. They were added in Update 0.9.0.



Monster Eggs cannot be obtained naturally. Once broken, they do not yield themselves, but spawn a single Silverfish.


As it tricks the Player into thinking it is a Stone block, it can be used as a trap, because once mined, the block will spawn a Silverfish.


  • When a Silverfish is not pursuing the Player, the Silverfish will go to the nearest stone, cobblestone or any stone brick variant, then it will "poof", turning the block into Monster Egg.
    • On later updates, letting a silverfish enter any variant of stone bricks and cobblestone will make the block turn into stone.
  • When mined in Survival, the Silverfish will have full Health.
    • However, when mined in Creative, Silverfish will not spawn.
  • Silverfish Stone can be made by placing Stone, Cobblestone, or Stone Bricks and tapping a Silverfish Spawn Egg on it, as the Silverfish will go inside it, converting the block into a Silverfish Stone.
  • As of Update 0.16.0, all types of Monster Eggs are available in the Creative Inventory, in the Decoration Section.
  • If the Player attacks a Silverfish directly, nearby Silverfish Stone will break, spawning other aggressive Silverfish.
    • However, if the Silverfish is killed in one hit or by any other means (besides the Player), it will not alert other Silverfish.
  • It will take longer to be mined by a Pickaxe than mining regular Stone, Cobblestone, or Stone Bricks.
    • However, it can be mined faster by hand. This can easily distinguish this block from Stone, Cobblestone, and Stone Bricks.
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