This is an informational page for parents to see an overview of how the game works, and what concerns should be taken before their child plays it.

General Information

Title: Minecraft
Publisher: Mojang
Description: Minecraft is the mobile version of Minecraft. Minecraft is a child-friendly, imaginative game in which the player must survive. In order to do so, you must collect materials and craft more advanced items as you go along. The possibilities of Minecraft are truly endless.
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Minecraft PC, Minecraft Console (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PS Vita), Minecraft Pi Edition, Oort Online and Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

Genre(s): Sandbox
Playthrough Length: Infinite
Difficulty: Minecraft has different game modes and options to accommodate all age groups and interests. You can play on either survival mode or creative mode. In creative mode, you can build whatever you want without having to collect materials. In survival mode, the focus is more on surviving. Furthermore, you can choose from peaceful mode or regular mode depending on your preferences. On multiplayer, there are many minigames that all vary on difficulty.
Security Concerns: Minecraft for the most part is pretty safe. All singleplayer worlds are completely secure. On multiplayer servers, there are not many security issues, though it is possible. A lot of times on multiplayer, people may be rude, vulgar, or threatening in the chat. These people can easily be ignored, and the multiplayer option is in a hidden spot on the game due Bedrock's younger demographic. So, overall your child should be safe.

Multiplayer Information

Online Multiplayer: Online multiplayer features the ability to connect to servers. These servers range from minigames to normal survival servers. Minigames range from Hunger Games to Capture the Flag, and a lot more. Please note that the minigames are not made by Mojang; they are fanmade.
Local Multiplayer: On local multiplayer, players can play with others that are on the same WiFi network. This is useful if you have two or more children who want to play together, or if your child has a friend who wants to play with him or her. Local multiplayer is completely secure, and gives your child(ren) a good start to multiplayer.
Voice Chat: None in game. You can use Skype or other voice chat programs to communicate, but this is not required.
Connectivity Structure: Minecraft's multiplayer is currently a work in progress. As of now, accounts are not secure. In order to play, you must choose a screen name. To prevent account theft and other issues, some servers make you login each time you play on them. These features are not on all servers, however.
Age of Community: Minecraft has a large group of people who play it. Minecraft is mainly used by younger children and young teens. Minecraft is entertaining to any age almost, even adults.
Community Attitude: Online players' attitudes vary. Most of the time, people tend to use vulgar language in the server chats. If your child is not mature enough to possibly see some of these messages, they should not be on any multiplayer servers. Please note, many players try to threaten, but most of the time no concern should be taken.

Gameplay Information

ESRB Rating: E10+
PEGI Rating: Ages 7 and up
ACB Rating: PG
Content Labels: Fantasy Violence: Players can engage in violent acts such as lighting animals on fire and harming animals with weapons. Mild explosions are occasionally heard as players can use TNT to fend off creatures and mine the environment.

Cost Information

Subscription: None
In-game Purchases: On some servers, players may be able to donate real money to an external site for extra features. This is not recommended to do, and could possibly be a violation of Minecraft's End User License Agreement. Other than that, there are no in-game purchases to the creators, the whole game is obtained when you originally buy the game. Also your child has the ability to purchase skin packs for in game use.
Gambling Elements: None

Benefits of Minecraft

  • Creativity - In Minecraft, you can build literally anything you'd like. Anything is possible. 
  • A safe, fun, nonviolent game - If you don't want your child playing more violent games such as Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty, then Minecraft is a good alternative. Minecraft is appealing towards all ages, so no matter how old, your child should like Minecraft.

Guide To Minecraft

If you are helping your child getting started with Minecraft, here are some tips for survival mode. Please note that these goals are only recommended, and are not required to play Minecraft.

Starting Out

  1. On the first day, your goal should be making a house before the night time.
  1. Cut down a few trees with your hand, until you get about 15 wood blocks. 
  2. Craft the wood into wood planks by using the inventory button.
  3. Build a small house. Don't worry about looks yet, just make a small operational base.
  4. Damage sheep until you get 3 wool. If you don't get them by night, just wait it out until day in your house. 
  5. Make a crafting table.
  6. Craft a bed with the crafting table by using 3 wood planks and 3 wool.
  7. Sleep if it is night time, and night will skip to day.
  8. Make a wooden pickaxe.
  9. Mine 15 cobblestone.
  10. Craft a stone sword and a stone pickaxe.
  11. Craft a furnace.
  12. Cook a few wood logs in the furnace. Insert the item you want to cook in the top slot and the fuel in the bottom. Fuel can be anything wood related or coal related. You should get charcoal out of it.
  13. Craft torches
  14. Place torches around your house. Torches prevent monsters from spawning at night.
  15. Craft a chest.
  16. Put items you don't need at the moment in the chest.
  17. Make sure you have plenty of torches.
  18. Note:You may want to move your base to a more suitable area (it may already be in one). A good area should have a large cave network nearby. Most caves are around large mountains. TIP: If you find a naturally spawned village, that is a great place to set up your base.
  19. Make sure you have lots of torches and a pickaxe, and go into the cave. Mine some coal and iron, but don't go too far into the cave yet.
  20. Cook iron ore in the furnace.
  21. Craft an iron pickaxe. If you want, you can craft other iron items.
  22. Make a small mining base in your cave. Make sure it's secure, and add lots of chests and furnaces.
  23. Get enough iron so you can craft a full set of iron armor, an iron sword, and an extra iron pickaxe.
  24. Go into the cave again, but go deeper and explore more. You will find lots of things like dungeons, mine shafts, strongholds, ravines, and more. Please note, these places are dangerous, so use caution.
  25. Once you find diamonds, craft a diamond sword. 
  26. Continue mining until you feel as if you have enough items.
  27. Go out, and make a farm. To do so, find a nearby water source, and craft a hoe. (Just make a wooden hoe.) Then, destroy tall grass until you get seeds. 
  28. Click dirt by water to hoe it. 
  29. Click with seeds in your hand to place it. They will begin growing, but it will take a while. Make sure you constantly expand your farm so you can get more items. 
  30. Once it is done growing, you will need three wheat to craft one bread. There are also other crops to grow such as carrots, potatoes, beetroot, melon, and more.
  31. At this point, you are pretty much good, and should be able to live on your own and thrive.

Continue to practice your mob fighting and diamond mining, and become a Minecraft master!

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