Rarest of the pepes

aka Lifeformlover999

  • I live in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania
  • I was born on March 25
  • My occupation is Being A School Student
  • I am A Boy

Welcome to my message wall! Say any question or important imformation you like but don't say anything rude or spammish.

- Rarest of the pepes

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  • Hello :)

    I'm wondering why you were questioning my avatar change.

    I did it myself, on another wiki.

    Viperinelight50(Contact Me)

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  • Why are you complaining about the amount of comments on the 0.15.0 page? 0.14.0 has 9,000 comments, and 0.12.1 has like 10,000.

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    • I didn't realize the other 2 updates since I didn't join this wiki until April. I also believe that the comments are piling up too quickly so others can't see their past comments and see replies.

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  • Hey there, Rarest of the pepes! Welcome to the Minecraft Pocket Edition Wiki! Thanks for your edit to Breeding.

    I'm an admin on this wiki. I'm always open to questions, if you have any. Or, you could go to the Q&A forum and post your question there!

    Please read the rules before you get started with anything.

    If there's an issue with anything, then go to the Admin noticeboard and report it there.

    If you have any user content, post it in the Forums.

    Hope you enjoy our wiki!

    This is an automated message. If there's any problems with it, please report it on the Admin noticeboard. Thank you!

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