Market Place


In-Game Mechanic

First Appearance

Update 1.1

The Minecraft Marketplace[1], also known as the Marketplace Store is an in-game mechanic which was added in Update 1.1.


  • Purchase of Community Creations: Minecraft Marketplace allows the Player to purchase Skins, Worlds and Texture Packs created by the Community.
  • Use of In-Game Currency: All items are purchased through in-game currency. Transactions are safe and easy.
  • Safe Downloads: Features can be downloaded safely without fear of any malware.
  • Connected to Xbox Live: The Player can share his/her downloads with friends over an Xbox Account.
  • Minecraft coins: The currency of the Marketplace, Minecraft coins, are not available for free[2], they have to be purchased by the Player. Anywhere saying they are free is a scam.

Marketplace Content

The content in the Marketplace is submitted Minecraft Partners[3], and there are three important prerequisite in order to become a Minecraft Partner:

Registered as a Business
Potential partners must be registered business entities to enter into a formal partnership agreement with Microsoft and Mojang. You will be asked to provide business and tax details in the partner program application form.
Proven Experience
Potential partners should be able to provide a portfolio of high quality content they have previously created and shared with the Minecraft community. Content examples might include maps, Add-ons, Realms, skins, or hosted servers.
Creativity and a Love for Minecraft
We’re looking for passionate community creators to share their skills and imagination with the Minecraft players around the world.

Marketplace Releases

The actual content of the Marketplace is best viewed in-game, but this list shows all the releases which was documented.


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