Lava Bucket
Lava Bucket






Yes (As Lava)

First Appearance

Update 0.7.0

Lava Buckets are Items that were added in Update 0.7.0. Lava Buckets are used to carry Lava from place to place.


Lava Buckets are obtained when the Player taps Lava with a Bucket selected in the hotbar.


A Lava Bucket can be used as Fuel in a Furnace, where it will smelt up to 100 items. When it has burned empty, the Player can collect the Bucket.

Lava Buckets can be used in a Dispenser, where a Button or Redstone pulse will switch the state to enable/disable the flow of Lava from the Dispenser.

When placing the Lava Bucket in a 1 Block wide trench Lava will flow for 4 blocks at the same level. If there is a drop, it will continue flowing.

When placing Lava on top of Water, it will create Cobblestone.


  • Lava Buckets can be used as a weapon as well. This can be done by placing it down between the Player and a pursuing Hostile Mob, burning and quickly killing the Mob on contact.
  • The Player can create a Lava blade using a trench, and ending the trench with Iron Bars. Wooden alternatives, like Signs and Ladders, will catch fire.
  • However, placing string around the Signs or Ladders will save it from setting alight.
  • Lava, like Water, can only be collected from Buckets through the source block.
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