Generated Structure


Ice Plains

First Appearance

Update 1.0

Igloos are Generated Structures added in Update 1.0.


Igloos can be found in Ice Plains and Cold Taiga Biomes.



IMG 0935

The interior of an Igloo

Igloos are constructed of mainly Snow Blocks, with three Blocks of Ice on each of the structure's sides, excluding the entrance.


IMG 0934

The basement of an Igloo

All Igloos contain a Redstone TorchCrafting TableFurnace, 9 White Carpets, 3 Light Grey Carpets, and a Bed, which is brown in Taigas and White in Snowy Plains.

Some Igloos can also generate with "basements" which contain a trapped VillagerZombie Villager, a Brewing Stand, some Red Carpets and a Chest with loot. The basement can be accessed by a Trapdoor hidden under a Carpet.


Loot from the basement includes a Golden Apple and the Brewing Stand has a Splash Potion of Weakness  which can be used to cure the Zombie Villager, which gives the Player the Zombie Doctor Achievement.

Item Weight Chance Count
Group 1 count: 2-8
Apple Apple 15/63 23.8% 1-3
Coal Coal 15/63 23.8% 1-4
Golden Nugget Golden Nugget 10/63 15.9% 1-3
Stone Axe Stone Axe 2/63 3.2% 1
Rotten Flesh Rotten Flesh 10/63 15.9% 1
Emerald Emerald 1/63 1.6% 1
Wheat Wheat 10/63 15.9% 2-3
Group 2 count: 1
Golden Apple Golden Apple 1/1 100% 1
Based upon 1.7.0 behavior pack


  • Igloos are the second naturally generated structure to spawn with Zombie Villagers inside.
  • Igloos contain Redstone Torches because regular Torches would cause the Ice to melt.
  • Igloos are very useful if a world does not contain any Villages as the Zombie Villager can be cured and bred with the other Villager.
  • Monster Eggs can sometimes spawn instead of Stone Bricks in an Igloo's basement.

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