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In-game Mechanic

First Appearance

Update 0.12.1

Hunger is a game-mechanic that was added in Update 0.12.1. Hunger introduces a new bar which degenerates over time, and needs to be continuously replenished by eating Food


Maintaining stable Hunger is important, as it disables the Player from sprinting, disables auto health regeneration and can cause starvation.


When the Hunger Bar is above 6 Hunger points (Hunger 30), the Player is able to sprint by double-tapping and holding the "move forward" button on the screen. It allows the Player to move faster and jump over further distances. However, this dissipates the Player's Hunger quicker.

Health Regeneration

When the Hunger Bar is above 17 Hunger points (Hunger 10x8.5), and the Player isn't at full Health, the Player will slowly heal 1 Health point Half heart every 4 seconds. This process does however deplete the food saturation, so completely heal the Player usually needs to eat during the healing to a full Health Bar.


If the Player allows the Hunger bar to be completely drained, the Player will start taking starvation damage. Starvation rate is 1 Health Point (Half heart) every 4 seconds. This will continue until the Player eats, or the Health drops to half a Heart (Half heart). Sleeping is disabled when the Player is Starving. If the Difficulty mode is Hard, this can kill the Player.


Saturation is an aspect of Hunger. The Hunger Bar of the Player will only go down when the food saturation reaches zero. Different Food Items restore different saturation points. The most saturating food is the Golden Carrot.


Any Food Item can restore Hunger when eaten. However, some Foods are better than others in terms of Hunger restoration. Cake restores the most Hunger. 


  • 2 Hunger points equals 1 Hunger shank, depicted in the default texture pack as Hunger 10.
  • The Hunger icon appears to resemble a drumstick (Hunger 10).
  • Due to the controversy Hunger caused in Minecraft PC, the Minecraft team stated that they may or may not add Hunger.
    • However, in the 21 Million Panel Live-stream, it was stated Hunger would be implemented in Update 0.12.1, which it was.
  • Before Hunger was implemented, eating Food would directly replenish Health.
  • When inflicted by the Hunger Status Effect, the Hunger icon turns to a green color and slowly drain until it runs out or the effect wears off.
  • When the Player has the difficulty on Peaceful Mode, he/she will quickly regenerate Hunger if the Hunger isn't full, and will never drain the Hunger Bar.
  • The less the Player moves, the longer it takes for his/her Saturation to deplete.
    • Thus, Sprinting and auto-regeneration depletes the Hunger Bar quickly.
  • Golden Apples, Enchanted Apples, and Chorus Fruits can be eaten even when the Hunger Bar is full.
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