Lava Bucket

A Lava Bucket, which has the highest fuel efficiency

Fuel is an Item or Block which can be used as a source of energy for smelting items in a Furnace. There are different types of fuels in Minecraft, each having unique fuel efficiency.


Fuel items can be placed in the lower slot on a furnace to begin the process of smelting/cooking. 

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Durability (s) Items Smelted
Wood Logs (Any) 15 1.5
Wooden Planks (Any) 15 1.5
Saplings, Sticks 5 0.5
Coal, Charcoal 80 8
Lava Buckets 1000 100
Coal Blocks 800 80
Wooden Tools 10 1
Crafting Tables, Stairs, Fences, Wooden Slabs, Bookshelves, Note Blocks, Trapdoors, Daylight Sensors 15 1.5
Blaze Rod 100 10
Dried Kelp Block ? ?


  • Whenever a unit of fuel has started burning, it will burn out regardless of the presence of anything available to smelt.


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