Fluids are technical blocks that flow and spread themselves. They technically cannot be 'mined' or 'placed', although the source block of the fluid can be obtained and placed on a block by the use of a bucket.


There are 3 fluids in Minecraft:

Milk is only a technical fluid, due to it being obtained by Cows, but not having the properties to be placed.


Fluid blocks have many uses:

  1. Water can be used to hydrate Farmland blocks to grow crops on them.
  2. Water can be obtained in Glass Bottles and used for Potion.
  3. Sugarcane needs to be grown next to water.
  4. Lava can be used for traps.
  5. Lava and Water can be used to create Obsidian, Cobblestone, and Stone.
  6. Milk is used as an ingredient in crafting Cake.
  7. Milk can be used to remove Status Effects (since Update 0.11.0).


  • Before 0.7.0, due to the lack of buckets, there was no way to control fluids, even in Creative Mode.
  • Milk is technically a fluid, but does not take any form other than a Milk-filled bucket. It cannot be placed either.


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