Flowers are forms of vegetation that spawn naturally in various Biomes. Their function is to add beauty to the environment of Minecraft and they are mostly used as Decorations and in recipes of Dyes.



Flowers can be found naturally growing in many biomes, including Plains, Savannahs, etc. However, the main biome for finding Flowers is the Flower Forest.


When a Grass or Dirt block is tapped with Bone Meal, it has a chance to spawn Flowers on it. If Bone Meal is used on a Flower, it will spawn more.

However, if the Flower is 2 Blocks high, it will drop one of itself.


  • Before Update 0.9.0, there were only 2 types of Flowers: Dandelions and Cyan Flowers.
  • Most Flowers can be placed in Flower Pots, except for two-block high Flowers.
  • Even though the Cyan Flower was removed, Jeb stated it may be re-added.
  • Sunflowers are the only Flower that points in a certain direction, that is, East.
    • They can be used for navigation due to this property.
  • Bug: Rarely, Flowers will glitch and grow on Gravel or Sand.
  • Bug: In older versions, Flowers could sometimes be found floating in the air, or in Water/Lava.
    • One example is the seed 999.
  • Before Update 0.9.0, Flowers would be destroyed if they were placed in the dark.
  • Iron Golems sometimes drop Poppies.
  • During early beta builds, Mojang removed Rose due to system problems. They replaced it with Poppy.
  • Rabbits are attracted to dandelions and will eat them to breed.
  • Flowers, like torches and flower pots, can destroy stacks of Sand or Gravel when placed beneath.
  • In a flower forest, when looked upon from above, if the player looks very carefully, they will notice that the flowers make a pattern.
  • The Lily of the Valley and Cornflower were implemented in Update 1.9.



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