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First Appearance

Update 0.12.1


Yes (2,147,483,648)

Experience (XP) is a game mechanic that was added in Update 0.12.1. It adds an experience bar. Experience is obtained in the form of Experience Points, which convert into Experience Levels when enough of the former have been collected. 


Experience can be obtained by gathering Experience Orbs from mining Ores, killing Mobs and Players, Breeding, Fishing, using Furnaces, etc. It can also be obtained by smashing a Bottle o' Enchanting. The number of Orbs needed to gain a level increases for each level, so that leveling will become harder and harder. In creative mode you can use the "/xp" command to gain as many experience want.


Experience is mainly used in the process of Enchanting, which can give Tools, weapons, and items certain powers and abilities. In addition, it can be used at an Anvil to rename and repair items, and enchant items.


  • The highest amount of experience a Player can get is 2^31 which is 2,147,483,648.
  • The Player will drop all of his/her experience points upon death. A maximum of 7 levels can be regained.
  • Villagers and Bats are the only Mobs that don't drop experience points.
  • One fast way to gain experience points for the Player, is to mine Nether Quartz in the Nether.
    • Another fast way is for the Player to find a Dungeon, and kill mobs for experience points.
    • The best way to obtain experience is a mob grinder (search on YouTube to learn how to make it ) ,and the best mob grinder in an ender farm.
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