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First Appearance

Update 0.3.0

Dyes are Items that were added in Update 0.3.0.


Dyes can be crafted from the different Flowers, Ink Sacs, direct usage of Cocoa Beans, smelted from Cactus and various combinations of other Dyes.


Colors can be used to color various items, and the list of what can be colored are:

All types of dye

Color Name Image Source
Black black Ink Sac.png Ink Sac
Gray gray Gray Dye.png Ink Sac + Bone Meal
Light Gray light gray Light Gray Dye.png Azure Bluet, Oxeye Daisy, White Tulip, 2 Bone Meals + 1 Ink Sac, 1 Gray Dye + 1 Bone Meal
White white Bone Meal.png
Rose Red red Rose Red Dye.png Rose Bush, Red Tulip, Poppy
Dandelion Yellow yellow Dandelion Yellow Dye.png Dandelion, Sunflower
Orange Dye orange Orange Dye.png Rose Red + Dandelion Yellow, Orange Tulip
Cactus Green green Cactus Green Dye.png Cactus in a Furnace
Lapis Lapzuli blue Lapis Lazuli.png Lapis Lazuli
Cyan Dye cyan Cyan Dye.png Cactus Green + Lapis Lazuli
Light blue light blue Light Blue Dye.png Lapis Lazuli + Bone Meal, Blue Orchid
Purple Dye purple Purple Dye.png Rose Red + Lapis Lazuli
Pink Dye pink Pink Dye.png Rose Red + Bone Meal, Peony
Cocoa Beans brown Cocoa Beans.png Cocoa Beans
Lime Dye lime Lime Dye.png Cactus Green + Bone Meal
Magenta Dye magenta Magenta Dye.png Rose Red + Lapis Lazuli + Bone Meal, Allium,

Lilac, Purple Dye + Bone Meal


  • Dandelion Yellow was the first and only Dye added in Update 0.3.0. Most other colors were added in Update 0.4.0.
  • Dyes will be renamed in Update 1.8 to the actual color name, in addition to requiring some of them be crafted (like Cocoa Beans into Brown Dye)
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