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Update 0.13.0

Desert Temples are Generated Structures added in Update 0.13.0.


Desert Temples spawn exclusively in Deserts and contain various rare loot. They can be partly hidden underground.



Desert Temples are built out of all 3 types of Sandstone and Sandstone Stairs in a pyramidal shape. On the sides and front, it has Orange Terracotta. A normal, fully formed Temple has six entrances:

  • One in each tower (2).
  • One on the rooftop.
  • One through the front of the temple.
  • One on each side of the temple (2).


The inside of the Desert Temple consists of a main room with numerous pillars made out of Sandstone. In the main room, there is a Block of Blue Stained Clay surrounded by Orange Stained Clay. Underneath is a deep pit with 4 Chests and a trap at the bottom consisting of 9 TNT linked to one Stone Pressure Plate.


Loot from two different groups can be found inside the chests. The distribution is as follows:

Item Weight Chance Count
Group 1 count: 2-4
Diamond.png Diamond 5/232 2.2% 1-3
Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot 15/232 6.5% 1-5
Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot 15/232 6.5% 2-7
Emerald.png Emerald 15/232 6.5% 1-3
Bone.png Bone 25/232 10.8% 4-6
Spider Eye.png Spider Eye 25/232 10.8% 1-3
Rotten Flesh.png Rotten Flesh 25/232 10.8% 3-7
Saddle.png Saddle 20/232 8.6% 1
Iron Horse Armor.png Iron Horse Armor 15/232 6.5% 1
Gold Horse Armor.png Gold Horse Armor 10/232 4.3% 1
Diamond Horse Armor.png Diamond Horse Armor 5/232 2.2% 1
Enchanted Book.png Enchanted Book 20/232 8.6% 1
Golden Apple.png Golden Apple 20/232 8.6% 1
Enchanted Apple.gif Enchanted Apple 2/232 0.9% 1
Nothing 15/232 6.5%  
Group 2 count: 4
Bone.png Bone 10/50 20.0% 1-8
Gunpowder.png Gunpowder 10/50 20.0% 1-8
Rotten Flesh.png Rotten Flesh 10/50 20.0% 1-8
String.png String 10/50 20.0% 1-8
Sand.png Sand 10/50 20.0% 1-8
Based upon 1.7.0 behavior pack


A Double Desert Temple, with 'extra' Sandstone block circled.

  • Sometimes, Sand may be covering a part of the Desert Temple, making it hidden.
  • In an extremely rare case, the Player may find a Desert Temple already blown up, due to a Hostile Mob spawning in the treasure room and unintentionally stepping on the Pressure Plate.
  • Desert Temples are not related to Desert Wells.
  • Some Desert Temples are cut off by the structure, which causes missing pieces.
  • Two Desert Temples may spawn at the same elevation and perfectly share one of the towers, creating a perfect double Desert Temple, however, such generation is extremely rare.
  • The player can only find naturally generated TNT in Desert Temples.
  • Desert Temples have an 'extra' Sandstone Block built on one of the steps of the back of the Pyramid.
    • This means that Desert Temples are not symmetrical.
  • Desert temples are based on pyramids in Egypt.
  • Desert Temples are grey when viewed on a Map. This makes them easier to find.

    A Map that has a Village and a Desert Temple on it. Notice that the Desert Temple is grey.

  • Desert Temples are composed of:
  • A Jungle Temple is the equivalent of the Desert Temple in a Jungle Biome.

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