Chat botton

To the right of the health bar.

The multiplayer Chat is a feature that was added in Update 0.7.0.


  • One function is to be used to communicate with other Players in either external servers in Realms or own worlds created with the purpose of playing in local Multiplayer.
  • Another function is to input Commands that can be useful in some servers.
  • Another function is to be used in some mods (for other tasks).


  • The chat at first was very primitive and had several bugs, but over time, it was corrected and improved.
  • As of Update 0.16.0, Commands had been added, thus adding another use for the Chat.
  • On some servers the chat can be locked, as it sometimes causes lag.
  • On versions Update 0.11.0 and later, a Player can mute their chat, meaning they won't see Players talking to each other, and thus removing any words obstructing their view.
  • After Update 0.12.1, the Chat button was moved due to the fact that Hunger was added. The chat button is now located between the Health and hunger bars.
  • In Update 1.0, a 'text to speech' setting was added. This setting can be located in the 'Sound' tab.
  • Using §, the Player can change their text color or font.