Buried Treasure is a Chest of loot found buried underground. It may be located using a Treasure Map.

Loot Table

Item Chance
Heart of the Sea 100%
Iron Ingot 58.4%
Chain Armor 58.4%
Potion of Water Breathing 47.8%
Diamond 47.8%
Gold Ingot 34.8%
Lead 34.8%
TNT 34.8%
Name Tag 34.8%
Potion of Regeneration 34.8%
Prismarine Crystals 19%
Book and Quill 19%
Music Disc 19%
Bottles o' Enchanting 19%
Cake 4.8%


  • Due to the update, it is now possible to obtain Bottles o' Enchanting without Villager trading in survival.
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