Adventure Mode is a gamemode that was added in Update 1.1. It is useful for Player-created maps, as it limits some in-game functions in Minecraft.


  • Blocks cannot be destroyed by default, only if permission is given.
  • Blocks cannot be placed, unless permissions are given.
  • Interactions with mechanisms is permitted.
  • Players spawn exactly on the world's spawn point.

Adding permissions

Deleting of blocks and placing of blocks can be controlled when in Adventure Mode. This needs to be controlled through the use of Commands (and Command Blocks).

The following variants of the two following commands are used:

/give @p iron_shovel 1 0 {"minecraft:can_destroy": {"blocks":["grass"]}}
Gives the player an Iron Shovel which has the capability of destroying/deleting Grass Blocks.
/give @p torch 1 0 {"minecraft_can_place_on": {"blocks":["dirt", "grass"]}}
Gives the player a Torch which only can be placed upon Dirt and Grass Blocks.


  • Adventure Mode is mostly used by Map-creators, as it prevents Players from griefing or destroying their maps.
  • It is theoretically possible to play "Survival Mode" in Adventure Mode, however, it is almost imperative the Player finds a Village initially.